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Shamrock Pines
Homeowners Association, Inc
Gearhart, Oregon

Welcome to Shamrock Pines
A Great Place to Spend a Day, a Week or a Lifetime!

Shamrock Pines is a newer residential subdivision located in the enchanting coast town of Gearhart, Oregon. We are a short walk to a beautiful, sandy beach, littered with shells and whole sand dollars, and which is wonderfully deserted most of the time. That is, until razor clam season opens, and then the whole area turns out to dig their golden feast. At the south end of our beach you will find the Necanicum River Spit and another secluded beach the locals refer to as Little Beach, a great place for the kids to play on a warm day and away from the north winds that blow here in the summer months.

Our development is a mixture of families with young children as well as retired and semi-retired families. Most of our residents live here full time and work in the community with only a few being vacation homes.

Since we are centrally located on the north Oregon coast between three diverse sub-cultures, we can enjoy almost any entertainment afforded people living in big cities. To the north is the seaport town of Astoria where fishing and crabbing are the main industry. To the south is Seaside, a fun, family-oriented Coney Island type of town. Seaside further claims the best surfing beach on the Oregon coast known as "The Point" at its south end of town near the Cove. And further to the south (but only 9 miles away from Gearhart) is Cannon Beach which leans more towards the arts and theater. Gearhart is a quiet, family-centered town with the only traffic light being a four-way stoplight in the middle of main street. Our town feels that we have the grandest, non-motorized 4th of July celebration, slice of Americana on the west coast, complete with free hot dogs and pop at the fire station after the mile long walk/bike/dog stroll/parade where every homeowner turns out, resident and transient alike. And, Shamrock Pines is located in the center of all of these choices.

Shamrock Pines had 41 lots available in the beginning, all of which are now sold and mostly built upon. The upper ridge section, which holds half the lots, have sweeping views and the lower lots enjoy Neacoxie Creek as their western boundary. Both sections are surrounded by wet lands owned by a nature conservancy. These wet lands will keep our community safe from future destructive construction. To our good fortune, we are also located in one of the Tsunami Evacuation Zone sites which gives us a sense of security.

In the north section, there is a butterfly habitat required by the federal government for the endangered Oregon Silverspot butterfly. It is a nice piece of property to walk, skateboard or bike ride around and holds a nice view for the lots located around it. Many evenings there are deer and elk roaming the habitat. Raptors frequently hunt within its borders while bald eagles regularly skim the creek in search of food. We have a large variety of song birds, ducks and occasionally Canadian geese living within our borders. There are also the related predators residing in the wild land areas surrounding our home sites which keeps the total population of wild life in balance.

Each year we have an annual meeting for the homeowner's association to elect new directors and to review upcoming points of interest. We have an annual picnic sponsored by the HOA in the summer so everyone can get together to visit with their neighbors. Knowing your neighbors is a positive unstructured type of neighborhood watch.

Many of the towns people refer to Gearhart as the western Cape Cod. We like to think of Cape Cod as the eastern more developed, slightly less attractive Gearhart.

Shamrock Pines is a lovely and captivating place to live. If you have questions or wish to leave a message with the web-master (one of our varietal homeowners) please feel free to click "Contacts" on the left side of every page to take you to that section of our web page and thanks for stopping by.