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Shamrock Pines consists of 41 lots, all of which are now sold and mostly built upon although there may be existing properties for sale. Find a local real estate agent.

who1Who We Are

The Shamrock Pines development features single-family homes on large lots. Most residents live here full-time and include families with young children, retired and semi-retired folks.

The Best of Both Worlds

The upper ridge section, which holds half the lots, has sweeping views of the surrounding area. The lower lots nestle up to and enjoy the tranquility of the Neacoxie Creek on their western boundary. Both sections are surrounded by wetlands owned by the North Coast Land Conservancy. These wetlands keep our community eco-friendly and safe from future construction. To our good fortune, Shamrock Pines is also located in one of the area’s Tsunami Evacuation Zone sites giving us a sense of security.

starEndangered Species

Shamrock Pines Wildlife Reserve
Protected wildlife habitat

In the northern section of Shamrock Pines there is a fenced-in wildlife habitat required by the Federal Government for the endangered Oregon Silverspot Butterfly. Although it looks inviting, you’ll notice that there are no gates as the land inside the fence is strictly designated for wildlife only. However it is a great place to walk or bike around with beautiful views for the homes located around it. Many evenings there are deer or elk roaming the habitat.

Read more about the Shamrock Pines HOA plan for the preservation of the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly and the wildlife habitat areas.

Learn more about the North Coast Land Conservancy and the Shamrock Pines Wetland.


If you’re still and quiet it won’t be long before you’ll hear and see a bevy of wonderful creatures here! We have a large variety of birds including ducks, hummingbirds, herons, Canadian geese and seagulls of course. Raptors including hawks, golden and bald eagles can frequently be seen soaring over the butterfly habitat and skimming the creek in search of food. Listen for their calls and look overhead! You may also catch glimpses of raccoons, black tailed deer, opossums, chipmunks, squirrels and other interesting “critters” living within our area. (Beware the skunk!)

Elk of Gearhart
Four-legged “neighbors” passing through the area

To keep “grazing” around your home to a minimum be sure to keep all food, scraps, waste, etc. sealed away, keeping the eco-balance our wild friends deserve. Your local nursery operator can make recommendations regarding landscaping and plants that are “wildlife” friendly and safe. There’s nothing worse than taking the time to plant a beautiful garden only to see it trampled and eaten days later. There are many beautiful plant and flower options that winged and four-footed residents will avoid. There are also many more that will naturally invite those that you’d like to see and enjoy up close.

For anyone worried about being “overrun” by so many creatures great and small, there are also associated predators residing in the wild lands surrounding the home sites which are important in keeping the overall population of wildlife in balance.

One of our semi well-kept secrets are the “Elk of Gearhart”. During all four seasons and any time of day they may be found wandering through the neighborhood. Everyone is well-advised to give them plenty of room.

Elk Watch – More information about the local elk population in our blog including the short PBS video “Elk of Gearhart”.

carDrive Safely

The speed limit within Shamrock Pines is 25MPH.

Since there are no sidewalks, be sure to watch for children, bicyclers as well as folks and their pets out for a stroll. Also keep a sharp eye out for the small creatures as well as the large ones and everything in-between crossing the roads. They like to think that they have the right of way.

heartA Great Place

Shamrock Pines is a lovely and captivating place to live. If you have questions or wish to leave a message with the webmaster please feel free to Contact Us.

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