Elk Watch

Beautiful To See…From A Distance

The local elk are very unique with at least two large herds. They are generally afraid of humans and will keep their distance, but if spooked they can charge people and pets or stampede causing damage and destruction to property and anything that gets in their way. So stay quiet and enjoy them from a distance.

Although elk may look docile, they are wild animals that need plenty of space and should never be approached. They can do serious harm if challenged by people or pets. They may become aggressive anytime of the year.

Please make sure any visitors you’re hosting understand that the local elk are wonderful to watch…from a distance.

 April through August is elk calving season

Please be careful around the local elk. The cows are very protective of their young during calving season.

Be aware of your surroundings and keep your dog on a leash during elk calving season.

September through November is elk mating season

At its peak from mid-September to mid-October is a time when male elk, or bulls, vie for the hearts of their female counterparts, known as cows.

The bulls become more aggressive during this season, charging at each other and locking antlers as they battle over dominant status. Although competition is high, actual fighting is rare since it causes injury and depletes energy. Rather, they compete by showcasing their antlers, necks and bodies.

Males can be especially aggressive during mating season. So listen for their “bugle calls”.

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